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Thank you for this tribute to perhaps the most important Hungarian poet of the early millennium. Borbély, sadly, did suffer from serious depression, as perhaps was inevitable, given the very difficult circumstances of his life. What this tribute unfortunately omits, however, is that he also found life in Hungary to be increasingly untenable, particularly since the rise to power of Viktor Orbán in 2010, and the attendant increasing tolerance of hate speech and the highly disturbing spread of extreme far-right tendencies in Hungary. These factors must be mentioned in connection with Borbély's tragic and untimely death. Not to do so is ,in my view, a grave omission. [...]

Is this house run as a charity organisation?

Many thanks
Wesley [...]
With kind respect to the words of Tomas Venclova: [...]
Congratulations to Viktor Horváth. But the Noémi Szécsi novel that has just appeared in London from Stork Press is The Finno-Ugrian Vampire, not The Communist Monte Cristo. [...]
Hi Mary, thanks a lot for your interest in this great book. Sample translations of several chapters are already available on and I do hope very much that there will be an English or American publisher soon who will be interested to have also the rest translated to publish it. [...]
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Just a small linguistic comment on this graceful, wide-ranging piece, about the marking of the price of Hungarian books on their (inner) back cover. Until recent years, the price, at least as stamped or printed on new books, was often preceded by the word ÁRA (i.e. not just ÁR 'price', but its third person possessive form), as if this formed the second part ('the possession') of the distinctive Hungarian genitive construction. In this case, then, the physical entity of the book, rather than the word könyv, is itself the first part of the construction ('the possessor'), as it would be in: (a) könyv ára X ft. And that is why it's on the back of the book. Just a thought!
Peter Sherwood [...]
HI Csilla - am definitely interested in reading this, but am afraid that my Hungarian isn't what it should be - do you have a translation available in English? [...]