11. 20. 2018. 14:41

András Forgách - The Acts of My Mother

The Acts of My Mother has been published by Penguin Random House in Canada.

András Forgách's The Acts of My Mother has recently been published by Penguin Random House in Canada and the author was invited to appear at the Toronto International Festival of Authors. The book will also be at the Brussels Book Festival this month, when the Dutch edition is also slated to come out. This follows two Hungarian and an Italian, English, Croatian, Canadian editions, with Dutch and Spanish in the pipelines. A feature film is also apparently in the works.

Forgách's book deals with the story of his mother, Avi-Shaul Bruria, recruited by the Hungarian Communist secret police to take over from his father, Marcell Forgách. The author was unaware of his parents' activities until he started digging in the archives, when he was confronted by a number of secrets...





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The book is available to buy here.