06. 18. 2013. 10:14

Book Week 2013: New books III.

Some more exciting new books: a sword-brandishing 17th century story by Péter Esterházy, a posthumous book about mental asylums in Communist Hungary by Péter Hajnóczy, a book of poetry in C minor by János Térey, a novel about St Teresa of Avila by Vilmos Csányi, and a new drug novel by Viktor Kubiszyn.

Péter Esterházy: Egyszerű történet vessző száz oldal. A kardozós változat (Simple Story Comma One Hundred Pages. The Sword-Brandishing Version)

A 17th century story strongly reminiscent of the 21st century, about a tough woman who knows how to love and hate. Esterházy's new book is also about God and his male cat called Gizi, as well as about men with beautiful names, one of whom recites menus by heart like prayers. (Magvető)

Péter Hajnóczy: Jelentések a süllyesztőből (Reports from the Pits)

A posthumous work by Péter Hajnóczy (1942-1981), author of the cult novel Death Rode Out of Persia. This literary-sociographic work, published in journals but never in a book form in the 1970s, is about inmates of mental asylums in Communist Hungary. (Magvető)

János Térey: Moll (Minor Scale)

The ninth volume of a major poet. A mature and merciless survey of today's world, touching on global disasters as well as specifically Hungarian topics, from the Ajka alumina sludge spill in 2010 to sketches of all-too-familiar public figures. And behind it all, we can hear "the dark, heroic Beethovenian C minor mood" continuously. (Libri)

Vilmos Csányi: A tökéletesség illata (The Smell of Perfection)

The distinguished ethologist and evolutionary scientist Vilmos Csányi has written several novels in the last few years. His new novel is about St Teresa of Avila, a charismatic figure of 16th century Spain. Through Teresa's monologue, Csányi draws the portrait of a woman who couldn't have preached had she heeded St Paul's admonishment about the inferiority of women. The first woman to be made Doctor of the Church four hundred years later by Pope Paul VI, Teresa is shown as a fragile believer yet at the same time a smart politician. (Libri)


Viktor Kubiszyn: Occupied Building (Foglaltház)

Viktor Kubiszyn’s new drug novel has been described as "experimental clinical description", "hallucinogenic trash", "junkie flash and hangover", "(poli)toxicomanic slang" and "prose from the Zone with junkie stalkers". This book is a sequel to Drug Diary, this time with the confession of multiple narrators, inhabitants of a building occupied by drug addicts, alcoholics and homeless people. (Jószöveg)

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