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Brody Lit Night with Kinga Tóth

The illusive and form-blasting young poet and author Kinga Tóth will be the guest at our next Lit Night on Tuesday 13 March. Join us for readings, performances and a chat about what makes her tick!

Brody Lit Night with Kinga Tóth

At 8pm on Tuesday 13 March in Brody Studios


Every month Hungarian Literature Online invites a new Hungarian writer in front of an international audience. Among others we’ve already held live events in English with György Dragomán, Zsófia Bán, Péter Závada, Benedek Totth, David Szalay and most recently Dóra Elekes. This March we’re happy to introduce the enigmatic Kinga Tóth, a poet and author, working in three languages and countless media, based in Berlin, but forever on tour, taking part in projects and residencies all over Europe and most recently a writer in residence in Iowa.



Tóth entered into the literary world as a poet, but most recently won the Hazai Attila award for her debut prose work, Moonlight Faces (2017), an experimental collection of flash fiction. This collection revolves around disease and illness; to what extent can an illness be an integral part of our character; the procedures which we are put through and subject ourselves to in order to be ‘fine’ again. Her second collection of poetry, All Machine (2014) melds the concepts of body and machine, examining our own human organism as a fully-functioning machine of structures, pipes and cells. Exploring human bodily processes, such as singing, as a sequence of mechanical actions and reactions that produce a resonance. Her poems reject traditional poetic forms and resemble diseased mutations of poems.

Kinga Tóth is fearless in the face of language barriers. Besides her native Hungarian, Tóth writes and publishes in German and English too, embracing her mistakes, so her poems become a ‘hybrid text’. Nor is she restricted by medium; her poems exist in multiple forms, developed into visual poems and sound poems.

In one hour of conversation in English with co-editor Owen Good, including performed English readings of her poetry and prose, we’ll do our best to introduce you to the artistic powerhouse that is Kinga Tóth. See you there!




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Event schedule:
18.00 Doors open
20.00 Discussion starts

Entrance fee:
Members: 1.000 HUF | Guests: 1.500 HUF

+36 1 266 3707