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Brody Lit Nite – Benedek Totth

Join us to peek inside Benedek Totth's head on November 7th! Hungarian Literature Online and Brody Studios' next monthly literary discussion evening for members of Brody Club, their guests, and the readers of HLO is here again. Our new guest is Benedek Totth!

Hungarian Literature Online (HLO)'s monthly Lit Nights at Brody Studios are back! In the Spring we brought you readings and discussions with a range of contemporary Hungarian and international authors and poets in a warm atmosphere, tailored to an English-speaking audience. Our guests were György Dragomán, Ádám Nádasdy, Péter Závada, David Szalay and Zsófia Bán. Held on the first Tuesday of each month, each Lit Night featured a discussion, readings of our guests' work in English, and plenty of scope for contributions from the audience.

The next event will be at 8 p.m. on Tuesday 7 November at Brody Studios


Benedek Totth

Photo: Éva Szombat, KönyvesBlog

"Trainspotting in the swimming pool. A whack in the face that'll leave you reeling from the shock," said György Dragomán about Benedek Totth's debut novel Dead Heat.

Benedek Totth's first novel kicked critics to the ground, as at a rocketing speed it recounts the story of teenagers, competitive swimmers, plummeting from intensive training sessions, to straying hands in the Jacuzzi, to speeding down a bypass with a joint in one hand, the wheel in the other, and a McDonald's in the lap. The nameless surroundings are very much rural Hungary: a no-man's land, and a perfect backdrop for a novel that melds mystery, coming-of- age and social critique. Dead Heat, soon to be published in English in Ildikó Noémi Nagy's translation by Biblioasis, an award-winning independent publishing house based in Windsor, Ontario.

Benedek Totth's newest novel 'Az utolsó utáni háború' ('Another Last War') continues along the theme of a more real no-man's land: post-apocalypse, a city in ruins, a boy and a wounded American commando set the frame for an adventure through a decimated land in search of the teenage boy's presumed dead younger brother. And if it all sounds a little like Cormac McCarthy's The Road, don't be surprised, Totth translated it. We'll be talking to the author about Cormac McCarthy, Stephen King and Hunter S. Thompson. About teenage drifting, competitive sports, and post-apocalyptic Hungary. With readings from his debut novel Dead Heat.
Owen Good, co-editor of HLO, will be in discussion with Totth, who will be reading extracts from his own work in English.


Event schedule:
18.00 Doors open
20.00 Discussion starts


Entrance fee:
Members: 1000 HUF | Guests: 1500 HUF


+36 1 266 3707


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