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Brody Lit Nite - with Ádám Nádasdy

Join us to peek inside Ádám Nádasdy's head on April 4th! Hungarian Literature Online and Brody Studios' next monthly literary discussion evening for members of Brody Club, their guests, and the readers of HLO is here again. Our new guest is Ádám Nádasdy!

The evenings will bring discussions with the best contemporary Hungarian writers to an English-speaking audience in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, presenting Hungarian literature in an accessible and engaging form. Each evening will feature a different invited guest – a writer or literary figure – in discussion (in English) with one of the editors of HLO, with readings from their translated work, and plenty of scope for contributions from the audience.

The second event will be at 8 p.m.  4 April 2017


Ádám Nádasdy,

poet, professor, linguist, and translator who, when asked about embarking on Dante’s epic The Divine Comedy, said “it’s a great joy and excitement. Like embarking on a tour of the world. Or moving into a castle: you know you’ will live there for years, and get to know its secret rooms from cellar to attic.” Besides his award-winning translation, this year Nádasdy is also celebrating his 70th birthday and the publication of his latest revered collection of poetry. The editor of HLO, Owen Good, will be teasing anecdotes from Ádám Nádasdy on growing up, on translating epics, on schooling students, and on crafting poems.

Ádám Nádasdy was born in Budapest in 1947, and has lived there most of his life. He has a degree in English and Italian and teaches English Linguistics at Eötvös Loránd University. Besides his career as a respected linguist (specializing in phonology), Nádasdy is a well-known translator of classic plays from English into Hungarian, in particular Shakespeare, but also Wilde, Shaw and Osborne.

He began publishing poems (always in his native Hungarian) quite late at the age of 37, partly because his main interest was love poetry and, being gay, he needed time to find ways of expressing this in terms of "mainstream" Hungarian poetics. Married when young and with two daughters, Nádasdy is a practicing Catholic, who has written poems in which he addresses – somewhat subversively, behind the Church’s back, so to speak – the personal relationship between God and the homosexual. A selection of Nádasdy’s poems (1984-2010) already exists in English: Take down his particulars, and as the title hints, his poems are disarmingly personal. On writing poetry Nádasdy quotes Frigyes Karinthy: "Can’t tell it to anyone – better tell it to everyone."



His seventh collection of poetry, Nyírj a hajamba was published this year by Magvető.


Ádám Nádasdy at HLO:

- an interview and some poems from 2009

- two poems translated from the Hungarian by David Hill

Our interview with Ádám Nádasdy on his 70th birthday

An excerpt from the essay from Ádám Nádasdy on English language

Event schedule:
18.00 Doors open
20.00 Discussion starts

Entrance fee:
Members: 1000 HUF | Guests: 1500 HUF

+36 1 266 3707

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