10. 12. 2005. 15:30

Esterházy in Literaturen

The German literary magazine Literaturen is celebrating its 5th birthday in October. On this occasion they have asked twenty-two authors from all over the world to share their ideas about the future of reading with their readers.

Editors of the magazine claim that nowadays reading is considered an adventurous business, and there is a boom of advices on how to read. In certain new books reading is celebrated as a cultural myth, whereas the low sales figures of books seem to indicate the victory of television and DVD over printed material.

Yet Literaturen sees a connection between these seemingly contradictory phenomena, and claims that the fact that reading is considered heroic and dramatic indicates a change in the trend.

The first writer in the magazine’s birthday series entitled Mein Lese-Leben is Péter Esterházy. The Hungarian writer, who is quite well-known in Germany, writes about reading in his usual witty and surprising style with the title Meine Leseliebesaffäre.

Esterházy’s novel Harmonia Caelestis has been translated into many languages, most recently into English (Celestial Harmonies, Harper Collins, 2004, trans. Judith Szollosy), Greek, Croatian and Slovakian.

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