07. 04. 2006. 07:04

Esterházy novel tops critics' list in Austria

Introduction to Literature a success in German

Péter Esterházy's novel Introduction to Literature (Einführung in die schöne Literatur, Berlin Verlag, 2006) was chosen by the jury of the Austrian Radio and Television (ORF) as best book for the month of July.

For five years now, at the end of each month, ORF publishes its selection of the ten best books for the following month. A jury composed of eminent literary scholars, critics, publishers and journalists compiles the list. Books that are chosen among the top ten are given special publicity for a month in Austrian bookshops.

This is the second time that the German translation of this bulky novel (published in March 2006) appeared in the top ten on a prestigious top list. In June, Introduction to Literature came out sixth on the critics' list of the German radio station Südwestrundfunk.

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