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Kertész's Dossier K now out in English

The first and only memoir from the Nobel Prize-winning author, in the form of an illuminating, often funny, and often combative interview—conducted by the author of himself. Imre Kertész’s response to the hasty biographies and profiles that followed his 2002 Nobel Prize.

"In K. dosszié Kertész Imre has taken an unusual approach to autobiography. He tells his life-story (or some of it anyway), presenting it as a dialogue – an interview, practically – but instead of having another person pose questions for him to answer, he has invented his own interviewer (and hence also all the questions that are asked)... It really is quite a remarkable achievement – but here is an author who can't be grasped simply from this one memoir, or from any one of his books, here is an author who is approachable only in his entirety. But with K. dosszié we have another cornerstone." (Complete Review)

"Hungarian author Kertész... pens an unflinching memoir in the form of a Socratic dialogue with himself about his extraordinary life." (Publishers' Weekly)

"Kertész, the first Hungarian writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, interrogates himself in a provocative memoir that will deepen the understanding of those already familiar with his novels. Published in 2006, this unusual transcript receives its first English translation and American publication, providing the author’s perspective on novels that challenge the distinction between fiction and reality as well as conventional notions of the Holocaust and totalitarianism... The author’s novels may provide a better introduction to his work, but this memoir will help to further illuminate them." (Kirkus Review)


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Imre Kertész: Dossier K

Melville House, 2006

Translated by Tim Wilkinson

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