03. 06. 2018. 18:39

Kinga Tóth: Moonlight Faces in Words Without Borders

Translation by Owen Good

In March 2018 Words Without Borders are running a special issue on Hungarian women writers, including next week's Brody Lit Night guest: young poet and author, Kinga Tóth!

In March 2018 the international online magazine of literature in translation and world literature, Words Without Borders, are running a special issue on Hungarian women writers. The choice list is compiled of Edina Szvoren, Krisztina Tóth, Zsófia Bán, Zsuzsa Selyem, Réka Mán-Várhegyi and Kinga Tóth. Translators involved in putting together the pieces were Jim Tucker, Erika Mihálycsa and Owen Good. Erika Mihálycsa and Ágnes Orzoy were the guest editors of the issue.

With the young poet and author Kinga Tóth speaking and performing next week on Tuesday 13 March at our Lit Night event at Brody Studios, we were very happy to know that excerpts from her debut prose work, Moonlight Faces, (translated by Owen Good) were also included in the special issue!




"it can end whenever, wherever. the course of the illness and the cure is unknown. there are various diagnoses, they can be ordered by mood."


Moonlight Faces might best be described as a collection of flash fiction and illustrations, penned by Tóth alone, that deals with bodily modification and mutation; illness as metamorphosis. Here, illness is the basis of development, both mental and physical. It asks whether this shift from the “norm” is a form of madness. And whether survival requires mutationa departure from the normmadness, or simply adjustment?

In the prose work, the human is extended through machines whose functions represent the organs and monitor their condition. Similar to Tóth's poetry in All Machine, language, sound, technology, and the body are interlinked. While at the same time, the Moonlight Faces is an intimate autobiographical story, about a changed standard of the body, which is still full of hope.

Have a look at Tóth's Moonlight Faces in the Words Without Borders special issue here, and join us next week for a conversation with the author herself!