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Kinga Tóth: On The Crane (A Poem)

Translated by Owen Good

their bowed heads hidden from sight / the journey in the crates is idyllic / they wait for arrival. 

On The Crane
by poet Kinga Tóth, our guest at Brody Lit Night Tuesday 13 March.




plastic crates

are lowered onto the hull

as the crates come

to ground they creak

causing fine dust clouds

the crane is painted

red around its hook

so as to make it visible

from the harbour its movements

are remote-controlled

the control-desk in the harbour

manipulates the parts’ independent

bending and lifting

this hook can bear

80kg in weight but the actual

maximum may be 100kg

or more during the refugees’

shipment the total weight

of the forgotten in the crate

is 100-110kg as well as

accumulated faecal matter

and lost weight

fraying garments

unapparent from the harbour

this is reality

the marked ones are lifted

between horses stifled

by the smell of horses

the screams by the neighing

now the mannequins

are being loaded and the icons

among them the caterpillar- and


styrofoam will cushion

falls subsequent to

the shaking of the crate

handparts are covered

with artificial fur wrapped

in strips of foxback

and cut generally

proportionate ellipses

the hide is a good cover

it can maintain

a mean temperature

and protects against bumps

the deck is tiny

they avoid notice

on a five square-metre

surface 5 units of 1x1

crates and on top

at certain times

another layer

hired fishermen and actors

dressed as tourists

talk in front of the crates

the ship is a placid vehicle

for 12 hours without

stopping it soundly

slices the water in two

the deck is quiet

the ships in a herd

ply along the same trail

inside there’s no bleating

their bowed heads hidden from sight

the journey in the crates is idyllic

they wait for arrival


new loads on the crane

hoisted all at once

the crates 5 cranes

1 creak and this

their last sound


Translation by Owen Good




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