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Party is a CD-shaped book with rhymes translated, adapted, and written by Kinga Tóth, and illustrated by herself. Based on Hungarian, German and English nursery rhymes, the poems contain sharp social and political commentary on aggression, poverty, tradition and authority.

The book plays with "absence": absence of contours, absence of words or definitions, absence of security and safety; a condition that is characteristic of our daily life, our relations, relationships, and language. Five poems and illustrations from Party are forthcoming in POETRY Magazine.

Kinga Tóth is a teacher of German language and literature, journalist, poet, and illustrator. In 2013, she was a fellow at the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Germany (see interview with Kinga at the blog of the Akademie). Kinga Tóth has another book to her name, All Machine (Magvető, 2014), published as Allmaschine in German (Akademie Solitude, 2014).

Roberto Santaguida is an experimental and documentary filmmaker. His first short film Miraslava was screened at over 120 international film festivals. In 2010, Roberto was a recipient of the K.M. Hunter Artist Award.

Listen to the PARTY/ZSÚR album here.


9. on two papers my house
on the upper only a chimney
the shape of a hammer
and smells bad
we don’t like guests

19. brush your teeth
they rot like uncle’s
the crocodile clock rings
the holder vibrates

20. small fish in the lake
mom fries them in oil
dad ate them all
now he is the man

21. mary wore red
all day morning eve
dirty gloves dirty skirt
dirty slippers no red


22. 1-2-3 we are in a row
rock paper scissors
we are in a row bang
bang bang

27. mr east has a secret
mr west works hard
mr north wears a coat
mr south burns himself
(with cold tomato-potato)

Translated by: Roberto Santaguida and Kinga Tóth

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