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Poems of the month - Sándor Weöres: Eternal Moment; Eternity

A bather's thigh brushed by skimming fish, a lizard's leap, bird-wings’ caress. Moments leaning out of time, shaped out of the air. Like a poem; like a festive season.


The Earth that creates all that lives,

the tomb that swallows what it gives,

the plains, the seas, the mountain-pass

appear eternal – but will pass.


The cosmos and the firmament

gyrating, celestial cement,

legion of fire-balls’ hot mass

appear eternal – but will pass.


What’s buried by forgetfulness

the lizard’s leap, bird-wings’ caress,

tremors which trickled long ago

appear to pass – but never go.


For some things that had taken place

no order can change or erase —

neither God nor the Ancient Foe:

they seem to pass – but never go.


Translated by Donald E. Morse and Adam Makkai


Eternal Moment


What you don’t trust to stone

and decay, shape out of the air.

A moment leaning out of time

arrives here and there,


guards what time squanders, keeps

the treasure tight in its grasp–

eternity itself, held

between the future and the past.


As a bather’s thigh is brushed

by skimming fish – so

there are times when God

is in you, and you know:


half-remembered now

and later, like a dream.

And with a taste of eternity

this side of the tomb.


Translated by Edwin Morgan

Translated by: Edwin Morgan, Donald E. Morse, Adam Makkai

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