07. 18. 2017. 15:49

"Poetry is a form of inner exile" – Péter Závada on HLO Podcast

At the second of HLO's Brody Lit Nites we were in discussion with the talented young poet Péter Závada. You can listen to the discussion of the evening in two halves in our podcast, available here.

In our third Brody Lit Nite, we talked to the very talented young poet Péter Závada about life, hip-hop, poetry, and adapting Shakespeare for the instagram generation, among other things.

We discussed his early career as a musical performer, as well as his collections of poetry and how his second volume, Mész, helped the process of mourning his mother's untimely death, as well as his current prolific work adapting great classics like Shakespeare, Moliere, and the musical Hair for a (very) contemporary Hungarian audience.