06. 23. 2017. 11:14

Reflections in the Library - a new selection of Antal Szerb's essays

A new selection of Antal Szerb's essays has been published in English. In June a conference was held at the University of London to mark the event.

On 8 June a conference was held at University of London to celebrate the launch of a new publication in English of a selection of Antal Szerb's essays, Reflections in the Library, Selected Literary Essays 1926-1944.

George (György) Gömörri spoke about Szerb's influence on his youth. Peter Sherwood gave some thoughts on translating Szerb's essays into English. And Nicholas Lezard of The Guardian spoke about what Szerb offers the English readership.

Other guest speakers included Catherine Davies (Director of the Institute of Modern Languages Research, London), Elinor Shaffer (British Comparative Literature Association /Legenda Editorial Committee), Zsuzsanna Varga (University of Glasgow), Ágnes Peter (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest), Galin Tihanov (Queen Mary, University of London).

Although Szerb's major novels have enjoyed great popularity in English in recent years, this is the first collection of his important essays to appear in English.

Owen Good