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Terézia Mora wins the Preis der Literaturhäuser

Esterházy’s translator Terézia Mora has won the prestigious Preis der Literaturhäuser 2017.



Photo: Peter von Felbert

The author has received the award granted by the German, Austrian and Swiss Literaturhäuser network. In 2016 the prestigious literary award was given to Ulf Stolterfoht. The Literaturhäuser board of judges paid honour to Terézia Mora’s unmistakeable use of language and style. The Sopron-born writer, who now lives in Berlin, got the German Book Prize for her novel Das Ungeheuer (‘The monster’) in 2013. In 2016 Mora was granted the Bremen Literature Prize for her collection Die Liebe unter Aliens (‘Love among aliens’).

Terézia Mora moved to Berlin in 1990, she studied Hungarology and theatre studies at Humboldt University, later at the DFFB film school she graduated as a screenwriter. Her first novel Seltsame Materie ('Strange Material') was released in 1999.

Mora translated Péter Esterházy, Lajos Parti Nagy and István Örkény into German. In 2010 she was awarded the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize for her translations and literary work.





Photo: Helmut Wimmer

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