02. 16. 2011. 14:28

Dear Readers,

Hungarian Literature Online is back again – hopefully to stay. HLO was established in 2004 as the sister site of Litera.hu, the leading Hungarian literary website, with the mission of creating an online presence for Hungarian literature in English. After almost seven years of operation a rearrangement of its structure seemed necessary.

The renewal of HLO thus means a new design, a new relationship with web communities, new sections within the site, and a rearranged content in a more user-friendly format.

What is even more important is that the new version of HLO is intended to be a transparent and up-to-date site.

Ever since we started, we have been keeping our readers informed about news concerning Hungarian literature; publishing reviews about English translations of Hungarian books as well as books recently published in Hungarian; publishing portraits of Hungarian writers, classics as well as contemporaries; and translating poems, short stories and excerpts from novels. We have also accumulated a database with a list of links for publishers and translators, travellers and expats concerning books and literature in Hungary. In the last few years we have received a lot of feedback indicating that many people – professional readers and lovers of world literature – have come to rely on us as the number one online source for Hungarian literature.

Besides our regular visitors, we would like to mobilize expats of Budapest and Hungary (or of Central Europe) because we are convinced that Hungarian literature and culture is as interesting and valuable as Hungarian sights and cuisine.

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter, so share your comments and thoughts with us! Join us and become a member of the HLO community!

Ágnes Orzóy

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