06. 15. 2004. 16:22

Three Hungarian novels on UNESCO translation list

Three Hungarian novels have been selected by UNESCO to be recommended on the organization's website to publishers and potential sponsors for translation: Aranysárkány (Golden Dragon) by Dezso Kosztolányi , Hollóido (Time of the Crow) by István Szilágyi and Napraforgó (Sunflower) by Gyula Krúdy.

In April 2003, the Clearing House for Literary translation launched a first survey among the National Commissions for UNESCO with a view to identifying great philosophical and literary works which countries would particularly like to see translated and published. This survey focused in particular on the category of modern novel.

The books selected had to present the following characteristics:

1. They should already have been published in the original language;
2. They should be unknown or not very well known beyond the   language and country of its origin;
3. They should be representative, in some exceptional way, of the culture of its country and time;
4. They should be worthy of translation by virtue of its universal value;
5. Their contents should not offend the sensitivities of other countries and cultures;
6. Their contents should be devoid of any intolerant xenophobic or discriminatory belief, attitude or ideology.

Click here  to see the national lists on UNESCO's website.