01. 04. 2017. 17:07

Zsófia Bán in the Guardian

Hungarian author, Zsófia Bán's essay was this weeks's featured piece in Asymptote's Translation Tuesday series and has now also appeared in the Guardian. Bán’s essay – translated by Erika Mihálycsa and Katalin Orbán – segues between her moving to Berlin and the wider refugee crises in Europe.

"In memory of Svetlana Boym
Tumultuous, yes, tumultuous is what the summer of 2015 was. An unruly, riotous, tempestuous, bewildered summer, ravaged by the lack of order. Only the weather would not stir, hellbent on keeping up the atmospheric conditions prevalent since the beginning of summer. All heat records were broken, with temperatures close to 40 degrees recorded in July and August. We were clearly making meteorological history in Europe."

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