Here is a list of questions that have most often come up regarding HLO.hu. You may find the answer to your question(s) here or may e-mail us if you do not. The list will grow as we receive new questions.

What is Hungarian Literature Online?

Hungarian Literature Online, HLO.hu is a non-commercial website to promote contemporary Hungarian literature on the web. HLO is designed to offer a growing range of materials, resources and services for a worldwide audience with a general interest in Hungarian literature as well as for publishers, scholars and students specialising in this field.


Who runs HLO?

HLO is an affiliate of litera.hu, Hungary's leading portal of contemporary Hungarian literature in Hungarian.

Do I need to register in order to use the service?

All the sections of the site are accessible to read without registration. Registration is required for publishing your comments and adding your materials in some sections, such as the Forum, Bookswap and Recommend Your Book. You also have to register to receive HLO's Newsletter.

Will my personal data be used for promotional or advertising purposes?

No, your registration data will not intentionally be made accessible to any third partly. This means that any third party can see or steal your personal data only by cracking the site, that is, through theft.

Does HLO receive commission or any kind of payment from publishers or authors whose materials are published?

No, the materials in sections such as Review, Portrait/Interview and The Works are selected by HLO. Works appearing in sections where visitors publish their own materials or recommend books or works are, obviously, also non-commercial.