Art Portals

In the Art Context section, HLO presents a regularly updated selection of links to Hungarian art portals, thus providing a broader context to contemporary literature in the country. In this section, we also run articles dealing with movies, theatre, music and new media arts.



HUNLIT/Publishing Hungary

Publishing Hungary is a multilingual database of Hungarian literature which enables one to search by the names of authors.

Petőfi Literary Museum (Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum)

This is the webpage of the Petőfi Literary Museum, which is collecting and preserving records of Hungarian literature. The Museum is named after Sándor Petőfi, since he is the poet who symbolizes Hungarian poetry to most of the readers both in Hungary and abroad. Additionally, the institution is the successor of the Petőfi House, therefore the core of its collection was constituted of Petőfi manuscripts and relics.

A manuscript archive, a library, an art and relics collection and an audiovisual library for researchers belong to the Petőfi Literary Museum, besides its permanent and temporary exhibitions that aim at popularizing Hungarian literature.

The Petőfi Literary Museum administers three further important memorial sights of Hungarian literature: the Kassák Museum, the Endre Ady Memorial Museum and the Jókai Memorial Room.

Fine Arts

Portal of Contemporary Painting

This portal collects the web pages of several contemporary Hungarian painters and galleries.

MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts (Modern és Kortárs Művészeti Központ)

The museum’s scope of collection extends to Hungarian and general art works since the 1960s. Its principal function is to research, collect, and look after material coming within the scope of collection – art works, relics, documents and sources. The Museum’s activity includes cataloguing, preserving, protecting, researching, systematising and exhibiting the material, presenting it in other forms and making use of it for educational purposes. A priority function is to present Hungarian art alongside international parallels and place contemporary Hungarian art in its international context.


Hungarian Filmhistorical Photo Collection (Magyar Filmtörténeti Fotógyűjtemény)

The Hungarian Filmhistorical Photo Collection is a public benefit organization established by the Ministry of Education in 1990. This organization is in charge of preserving and digitalizing the still photos of 980 feature films produced in Hungary since 1945. The photo collection itself is available on Mafilm’s (Hungarian Film Company) homepage.

Hungarian Film Company (Mafilm)

Mafilm is responsible for organizing film production in Hungary both for Hungarian and for foreign filmmaking teams. Their home page is currently undergoing an overhaul, therefore the information provided there is only partially updated.

Hungarian Film Union (Magyar Filmunió)

Hungarian Film Union was established by the Motion Picture Public Foundation for the promotion of Hungarian cinematography throughout the world. In 2001 the company became a member of European Film Promotion. Since 2011 Hungarian Film Union has been working as the international division of the Hungarian National Film Fund.

This company organizes the participation of Hungarian films (feature films, documentaries, shorts and animation) at international festivals, retrospective screenings and national film weeks in Hungary and abroad. Collaborating with international professional organizations on a regular basis is a major concern for the Hungarian Film Union.


Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute (Országos Színháztörténeti Múzeum és Intézet)

The Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute has been collecting the most valuable relics and data of the Hungarian theatre preserving a dozen of separate collections paintings, photographs, stage and costume designs, posters, props, video recordings—and many more.


Hungarian House of Photography in Mai Manó House (Mai Manó Ház: Magyar Fotográfusok Háza)

The mission of Mai Manó House is to further the development of photography culture in Hungary and to promote Hungarian photography abroad. Therefore it provides space to historic and contemporary photo exhibitions and to cultural events. The institution’s library provides information on Hungarian photography for researchers, also in foreign languages.


Hungarian Museum of Photography in Kecskemét (Magyar Fotográfiai Múzeum)

The museum’s collection contains over one million objects, the oldest one, a daguerreotype, was made in 1840, and the newest one arrived only yesterday. Regarding the Hungarian collection, the museum aims at exhaustivity, thus, it preserves photos of all ages, all photographic movements, all important photographers, as well as entire legacies.  Nevertheless there is a universal collection as well. The institute additionally helps scientific researchers, trains university students and develops databases.

General Art Portals

Balassi Institute/Balassi Intézet

Balassi Institute (named after the early modern poet Bálint Balassi) coordinates all the cultural institute of the Hungarian state that officially represent Hungarian culture abroad.

This site allows the visitors to view 200 entries from the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Hungarian Arts, published between 1999 and 2001. These artists played a major role in the last 50 years of Hungarian fine arts. The editor of this compilation is Péter Fitz art historian.