Hungarian Publishers' Listings

An alphabetical list of the most prestigious Hungarian publishers, compiled by the HLO staff.


Akadémiai Kiadó

Akadémiai Kiadó is Hungary's most important publisher of scientific and academic books and journals as well as the publisher of a wide variety of dictionaries in many languages.

Atlantisz Könyvkiadó

With its sister foundation Atlantisz Alapítvány, the non-profit Atlantisz Kiadó publishes works of philosophy, humanities and social science.

Corvina Kiadó

Fine art albums, works on the history of education and culture, Hungarian fiction in English, travel guides, photo albums and cookbooks.

Európa Könyvkiadó

Focusing on world literature from the beginning and setting high editorial standards, Európa's aim and function have always been to publish the world's classics and representative contemporary works in excellent translations.

Jelenkor Kiadó

Jelenkor is an independent house founded in 1993 and promotes contemporary Hungarian poetry, fiction and philosophy, including their intellectual and international context.

Kalligram Könyv- és Lapkiadó

Kalligram's authors and colleagues are eminent representatives of contemporary Hungarian and Central European intellectual life. Apart from world literature, Kalligram is the publisher of works of literary history, social science, history and philosophy.

Magvető Kiadó

Publisher of contemporary Hungarian literature, including the works of 2002 Nobel Prize laureate Imre Kertész. Magvető also publishes living foreign classics such as Gabriel García Márquez and Ludmila Ulitskaya.

Móra Könyvkiadó

Classics of Hungarian and world literature for children; tales, poems, short stories and special books which develop several skills of nursery school and elementary school children.

Osiris Kiadó

Focuses on social and natural sciences and textbooks.

Scolar Kiadó

Founded in 1994, Scolar became one of the top Hungarian publishers in recent years. It publishes world literature, nonfiction and children's books, as well as mathematics and biology textbooks, and reference books.